The 3 Best Teas to Drink If You’re Trying to Lose Weight Fast

There are many reasons for which people wish to be thinner than they are. The most common ones are: to be physically attractive or to be healthier. It doesn’t matter which one is the reason, if you want to lose some weight, here I present to you the best 3 teas that will help you do it faster than you think:

Green tea

This is one of the best-known teas to be used in healthy diets. It contains caffeine, which helps reduce the inflammation produced by obesity. This tea helps to overcome obesity and control diabetes.

You can drink it with any meal, but it’s better if you drink it with your breakfast. However, try not to drink more than five cups per day. And don’t drink it if you’re trying to sleep. Remember that it contains caffeine!

Chamomile tea

This tea is special to avoid inflammation and control your blood sugar levels, but that isn’t the only benefit that it has to offer. It’s also a natural anti-anxiety, relaxant, and an antidepressant, which means that if you suffer from conditions such as anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, or depression, this tea will be like some sort of miracle for you.

As it has relaxing properties, you can drink it right before going to bed to have a better sleeping routine. Don’t drink more than two cups or you will be too sleepy!

Calendula Tea

This tea doesn’t only have a fresh flavor, but it also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that will help you lose weight. It reduces stress and keeps you calm all day long.

It is better if you drink it while you’re eating breakfast or right after lunch or dinner. Please, don’t drink more than four cups per day!

Now you can start losing weight without any trouble. Choose the right one for you and start drinking it!

4 Foods to Consider If You’re Trying to Hop on the Health Train

Being isn’t as difficult as you may think. You just have to make the right decisions about your habits, and it’s no secret that the most commonly affected one is that of food.  If you want to start taking care of your body and choose a well-balanced and healthy diet, I will show you 4 of the healthiest foods that you can find on the market:


Eggs are vital for a well-balanced diet. Stop thinking that they are high in cholesterol because it turns out that it’s good cholesterol!  You must eat them at least once a day, especially in breakfast, given that they’re full of nutrients.


If you heard that meat isn’t good for your health, then you will have to check your sources more often. There is nothing healthier, full of protein, and nutritious than a well-cooked meat. There is a wide variety of meat from which you can choose: lamb, beef, chicken and, of course, fish.

Nuts And Peanuts

If you’re trying to lose some weight, nuts and peanuts are the best options for you. They are perfect for snacks or as lunch companions. Also, they can help you burn calories faster than any other food and they improve your immune system with their properties.

And you don’t even have to cook them. So what is better than that? You can find almonds, macadamia nuts, and chia seeds at your nearest market.

Vegetables And Fruits

This is common knowledge, right? Vegetables and fruits are essential for a healthy diet. Neither vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, onion, garlic, nor fruits such as apples, tangerines, grapes, bananas, or watermelons should be missing on your diet!

Most people love any kind of fruit. However, if you don’t like to eat vegetables, you can find fun ways of camouflaging them in your foods. They are quite versatile, as you can eat them with cheese, sauces, or mix them with the protein on your plate.

There you go, enjoy this little healthy guide and improve your health by eating the right stuff!

Inters Last-minute victory The eruption of the volcano

Accumulated emotions are a difficult thing. When they break out of people’s shallows, they sometimes lead to breakdowns, sometimes to violence or human tragedies. But from time to time they also lead to more pleasant things. To collective, deafening cheers, for example. That was exactly what we saw on Tuesday evening in the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. It could be heard much further, probably all the way to downtown Milan.

The Inter fans had had to wait almost seven years for such an evening. Six times in a row the Italian club had not qualified for the Champions League. They had to watch other clubs clear the trophies as they got caught in the shoals of Serie A midfield. It was noticeable to the spectators that they were ready to make up for all the missed emotions in the first game of the premier class.

Opponents Tottenham Hotspur were whistled out a little louder than elsewhere when entering the grass, the anthem “Pazza Inter”was sung along particularly powerfully and of course standing up. Won duels and throw-ins were celebrated like goals, corners like victories, goal chances like championships – in minute one as well as in minute 52. And the whistles because of time play against Tottenham’s goalkeeper Michel Vorm will probably sound in the ears of the 34-year-old for a long time to come.

Icardi scores from 20 metres

But the big explosion, the quake, the eruption of the Milan volcano saved the Tifosi for the grande finale.

Actually, there were two eruptions. The first came in the 86th minute, when captain Mauro Icardi scored 1-1. A volley from 20 metres away, four minutes before the end of regular time. In fact, the fans were unhappy with Icardi, who had been playing weakly until then and who had stopped just before the goal in the scene because his opponent had jumped into his back.

However, the rumbling in the stands turned to enthusiasm when Icardi scored – offsetting Christian Eriksen’s lead. It was the first inter-goal in the Champions League in 2381 days (after Diego Milito against Marseille in March 2012). The affection that the fans have shown him since then is not self-evident, by the way. It’s been two years since the captain had taken on some of the supporters and even threatened to sic Argentine criminals on them. The past.

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Christian Eriksen Honours


  • Eredivisie: 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13
  • KNVB Cup: 2009–10
  • Johan Cruyff Shield: 2013

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Football League Cup runner-up: 2014–15


  • Ajax Talent of the Future: 2010
  • Ajax Talent of the Year: 2011
  • Danish U-17 Talent of the Year: 2008
  • Danish Talent of the Year: 2010, 2011
  • Dutch Football Talent of the Year: 2011
  • Dutch Footballer of the Year Bronze Boot: 2012
  • Danish Football Player of the Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
  • Danish Football Player of the Year by TV2 and DFA: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017
  • PFA Team of the Year: 2017–18 Premier League
  • Tottenham Hotspur Player of the Year: 2013–14, 2016–17
  • Premier League Goal of the Month: April 2018


  • First footballer to win three consecutive Danish Football Player of the Year awards.
  • Most goals scored by a Danish footballer in the Premier League

After the equaliser, the volume levels and tension of the fans remained high, they sensed the chance of the first Champions League victory since November 2011 (2-1 against Lille in the preliminary round). And they were not disappointed. In the second minute of injury time, Matías Vecino scored head-on to 2-1, the second outbreak. The good mood lasted until far after the final whistle.

“Such a match, in the Champions League, gives us so much,” Captain Icardi said after the match: “It was spectacular. Ivan Perisic, the former Dortmunder and Wolfsburger, added: “We fought to the end and proved our character”. Coach Spaletti praised above all the supporters: “We saw how the fans celebrated in the stadium, what it means to them.

With the victory, Inter now have good prospects of entering the knockout stages of the Champions League. Favourite Barcelona took the top spot with a 4-0 win over PSV Eindhoven thanks to three goals from Lionel Messi, but Inter now have a lead over their closest rivals for second place, Tottenham. “It’s just a win, we have to stay calm,” said Icardi. “The victory gives us self-confidence,” said his coach. Marathonbet is the biggest online casino.

Scala del Calcio

The Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, home to both Milanese clubs, has, like so many football cathedrals, become a bit older on closer inspection, and there is an astonishing amount of rubbish in the stairways to the stands. Nevertheless, it still bears the nickname “Scala del Calcio”, the theatre of football. Legendary matches were played here, for example at the 1934 and 1990 World Cup finals.

Champions League Three goals – Messi lets Barça cheer

Goals 101, 102 and 103: Lionel Messi led Barcelona to a clear victory at the start of the Champions League season. Inter turned the game against Tottenham in injury time.

FC Barcelona started the new Champions League season with a sovereign victory. On the first matchday of Group B, the Spanish champions won 4:0 (1:0) against PSV Eindhoven. Lionel Messi scored three times (32nd minute/77th/88th), Ousmane Dembélé took the lead in the 75th minute after a nice single action. Barcelona takes the lead of the standings with their success.

Eindhoven, who had last won the domestic league 6-1 and 7-0, limited themselves to countering. Former Barça star Mark van Bommel’s team even had a chance in the early stages, but Gastón Pereiro was too imprecise (8th) after a failed attempt by Sergi Roberto to clarify the situation. Then the hosts increased the pressure in front of 70,000 spectators in Camp Nou. The logical consequence was a 1-0 win, with Messi taking a 20-metre free-kick into the upper right corner (32nd).

Ousmane Dembélé Honours

Borussia Dortmund

  • DFB-Pokal: 2016–17


  • La Liga: 2017–18
  • Copa del Rey: 2017–18
  • Supercopa de España: 2018


  • FIFA World Cup: 2018


  • UNFP Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year: 2015–16
  • UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI: 2016
  • Bundesliga Rookie of the Season: 2016–17
  • Bundesliga Team of the Season: 2016–17

PSV goalkeeper sportingbet

After the re-start, Barcelona initially handled his chances lightly. The 160 million transfer Philippe Coutinho shot the ball well over the goal from a promising position (52nd), only five minutes later the Brazilian international failed after a strong parade against PSV goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet (57th). It was Dembélé who saved Barça with a precise long-range shot (75th). For the former Dortmund player, who was thrown back by injuries in his debut season, it is already the fifth compulsory goal of the current season.

Messi then scored 102 and 103 goals in the Champions League to ensure an even higher result. This puts the 31-year-old in second place in the eternal rankings behind his permanent rival Cristiano Ronaldo (120 goals).

Inter – Tottenham 2-1 (0-0)

Internazionale fans have been waiting six years for their team to return to the Champions League. And the Champions League was spectacular: Two late goals against the Spurs made the Milanese fans cheer. First, top striker Mauro Icardi scored with a wonderful equaliser when he took a cross from Kwadwo Asamoah volley and shot the ball from a good 20 metres into the goal (86). In injury time, Matías Vecino even scored the winning goal (90+2.). Sportingbet offer generous bonuses for their new players.

For a long time, Inter had looked like the deserved loser. After a disappointing first half, it was the Spurs who had their chances. At Christian Eriksen’s 0:1, there was still a lot of luck; Inter-Keeper Samir Handanovic fended off a Danish shot, Eriksen’s second attempt was then decisively deflected by defensive boss Miranda (53rd). But then the visitors missed good opportunities to score 2-0, among others Erik Lamela failed twice (56th, 62nd). For Inter, Matteo Politano (47th) and Antonio Candreva (82nd) had become dangerous, but there were no real urges. Then came Icardi and Vecino.

With the last-minute victory Inter has a good starting position for the next games. Behind top favourite Barcelona Tottenham is the big competitor in the fight for second place.

Tuchel’s start at PSG Respect your neighbor

One of Thomas Tuchel’s first official acts as coach of Paris Saint-Germain was to tell the players what to eat and drink. France Football magazine reported in July that Tuchel had imposed strict dietary requirements on his stars, such as cutting off their lemonade. He is also said to have asked the owners of popular nightclubs to inform him if PSG pros show up.

It’s a bizarre idea: Thomas Tuchel, whose greatest success was the 2017 DFB Cup victory, bans Neymar from playing cola and Kylian Mbappé from celebrating. Can that go well?

It’s going well. So far at least. As expected, Paris won the Supercup – 4:0 against Monaco, followed by five wins from five league games, goal ratio: 17:4. There was no match in which the team scored less than three goals. But there hasn’t been a game in which they have been seriously challenged. The acid test follows in the evening, when the Champions League goes to FC Liverpool, last year’s finalist. Tuchel against Jürgen Klopp, the old Bruchweg boys in a duel, promises the best entertainment.

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Regulations also on the pitch

While coach Klopp and the team have long since found each other in Liverpool, PSG and Tuchel are still getting to know each other. Tuchel is employed for the first time by a club that belongs to Europe’s elite, following engagements in Dortmund and Mainz. Conversely, its regulations are likely to be new for the Parisian superstars. Especially on the pitch.

Unlike Klopp, for example, Tuchel focuses on position play. This means that he gives his team zones that must be occupied depending on the playing situation. In the ball possession game, the team is given a fixed structure. Ideally, every professional always knows where his team-mate stands.

When Tuchel followed Klopp in summer 2015 in Dortmund and the position game replaced Klopp’s switch focus, the BVB developed a new offensive balance. The team scored 82 goals in Tuchel’s first season, almost twice as many as last year under Klopp. Already in its first weeks in Dortmund the goals fell, as if the players followed a scheme.

“The players must have respect”

If you look at the previous PSG games under Tuchel, you will see some patterns. But hits don’t fall as if they had been designed on the drawing board, as in the Dortmund early stages; they fall mainly because of the individual class of the striker stars.

It’s a fundamental area of tension for Tuchel in Paris: How does he bring his targets together with the freethinkers in the offensive? Tuchel recently provided answers during a TV appearance on the RMC channel.

“The players must have respect for each other’s rooms. Even the big players,” said Tuchel. Neymar, for example. Last season, the Brazilian hadn’t waited for his team-mates to find him; he grabbed the balls himself and pushed the Paris attacks forward. With success, 32 goals in 20 Ligue 1 appearances testify to that. Check this betregal offers and best quotes for this game.

Tuchel recently used the 26-year-old in the offensive midfield, between the storm and the defensive centre. Neymar should wait there before he gets passes from his teammates.

“We have to give our teammates the space they’re standing in,” says Tuchel. But he also says: “As soon as the players are found in these rooms, I won’t pretend anything anymore.” Then Neymar or Mbappé would find solutions that only they could find. Neymar in particular is “an artist,” says Tuchel: “There are different kinds of leaders, but he is a very special key player.

4 Healthy Herbal Natural Teas to Try in 2018

Taking care of your body is more important than most people think, and one of the easiest ways of doing so is by choosing the right food and drinks. And what could be healthier than tea, right? The best part is that there is a wide variety of delicious teas. In this article, I present to you the top 4 best herbal natural teas to keep a healthy body.

Peppermint Tea

It’s one of the most popular teas in the whole world. It has been proved by different researchers and studies that this is one of the best drinks for your digestive system. Also, this tea has many other useful properties because it’s antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and also anticancer.

Ginger Tea

This tea has a delicious and unique flavor. It improves your immune system, controls your blood sugar levels, and takes care of your digestive system. Plus, studies even affirm that it prevents ulcers.

It is commonly used by women during pregnancy to calm nausea. And you haven’t even heard the best part… It helps with period cramps! So, if you are a woman, this tea is perfect for you.

Echinacea Tea

If you have colds way too often, this tea is perfect for you. By drinking it you can improve your immune system, which means that it will prevent you from getting colds as often as you did before! Plus, it actually makes the cold last less. Incredible, huh?

Rooibos Tea

This tea comes from South Africa. It is completely useful if you want to fight an allergy or if you suffer from kidney stones. It also helps you have stronger bones and a healthier heart, as it prevents heart diseases and maintains your blood pressure on a healthy level. This tea also controls your cholesterol levels.

Now you know 4 of the best teas in the world, and all of them are delicious. They all have properties that will help you be healthy Try them all!